4 reasons for admitting your kid to a nearby Montessori school

You had been planning for this for a long time and now that time is here. It is assumed that you had been looking to send your kid to the best school in the neighborhood. Sending your child to Montessori schools in Abu Dhabi is a given, but make sure that the school you choose is located nearby. It may not be on the same street as your home, but the campus should be near. Sending little kids to schools that are located far from home may not be a great idea for a number of reasons. Kids will get tired on their way to school and back. This affects their ability to learn and grasp concepts. Such children remain tired for the entire day and take little interest in learning. Of course, you would never want that to happen. It makes sense to do your bit to find a quality nursery school close to a home located nearby:

Takes little time

Each morning, your kid wakes up with enthusiasm and energy. The curiosity of learning new things each day and mingling with buddies at the school is only natural. However, children who go to schools that are located far away tend to get fatigued before they reach the school. As a result, they begin to feel sleepy and often end up bored. Such children would love to take a nap instead of attending classes, which will affect their attentiveness in the classroom. You can avoid all that simply by admitting your kid to a nearby school.

Maintains interest

Children who are admitted to a school near their home are likely to feel at home when after reaching school. They don’t feel alienated and alone, which helps them stay interested in learning. Teachers notice their excitement and do all they can to help them become good students. These children partake in learning, games and other extracurricular activities. When your kid returns, you will notice that the excitement of learning and activities is still there. Keep in mind that it is the excitement that intrigues children to know more.


Kids attending a pre-school located near their home show more interest in communicating with other children. Their curiosity helps them get in touch with classmates and know more about them. This communication keeps improving and by the time your kid finishes the pre-school, he is all set to enter the next phase which is likely to be the Froebel kindergarten method.